• Developing, scanning and printing since 1939.  We process film 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.  Film can be dropped off 6 days a week at The Print Refinery or mailed to us any day.  
  • Film developed on site with Fuji Professional chemistry giving us consistent reliable results.
  • We have the capacity and can process 300+ rolls of film per day.
  • We Process true black and white film and E6 positive slide film on location.
  • All film is scanned on site using our professional grade Noritsu HS-1800 & Fuji S2500.
35MM Film

35 MM Film Developing

We take time to color correct every frame of every roll of film no mater what film is used.  Our experienced lab operators take a high level of quality control so that you can use the the scans for many different output options, whether it’s for sharing on-line, printing on traditional paper, canvas, metal or even gifts.

Do you have questions about film?  Our team has over 70 years of combined experience and we love to help.  If you you shoot for a living, just for fun or you are just starting out; we’re here to help. No matter what brand of film you have, we’ll develop, scan and print it to perfection.

Do you need film?  You can order from our website (we are still adding so give us some time) or if you send in film using our mail in form you can select to have us send film back with your negatives.  We carry Kodak, Illford, Fuji and a few fun brands you may not have heard of.

How long does film processing take?  We always want to get your film back as quickly as possible.  C41 and B&W we aim for 2-4 days of in-lab time.  E6 is usually 7 days in-lab.  If you mail you film in we don’t have control of the postal service but we will start developing as soon as we receive it.  Once we have your film developed, scanned and received payment we will upload the images (if you request it) as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the images while waiting for the return of the negatives.  

35MM Film

120 MM Film Developing

35MM Film