In today’s digital age people are constantly on their phones. Many businesses use social media to advertise their store and/or online business. One of the most popular social media apps people use today is Instagram. Instagram is great for advertising because the post can be short and sweet. Using hashtags can spread the advertisement fairly quickly, and can reach anyone and anywhere in the world. Hashtags can work if the account is private, but it is easier to receive a larger amount of viewers if your account is set to public.

Here is an example on why you should have a hashtag. Hashtags can be anything you want them to be! Creating a hashtag is easy. First, upload the photo. Once your photo is uploaded, you can choose to edit the photo however you may need too. When the editing is finished, you can begin creating the hashtag, and start typing in the “write a caption”. Start off by using the pound symbol #, aka hashtag. While creating the hashtag, think about your viewers.

Need some help? Here is an example. If you are an artist, and do a lot of painting or drawings a great example you could do is #transformationtuesday. At the end of your project you could even do a before and after picture with the hashtag #transformationtuesday. Every Tuesday, when using this hashtag, you could show your progress in segments so viewers can see the transformation. It is best to post every Tuesday so people can stay up to date. It’s a good idea to post every week because your viewers will get to know you and will look forward to your updates and news. When using hashtags, try not to go overboard. Make sure that your hash tags relate to your work and your company. When applying the hashtag always use the most used hashtag available so more people will see it.

While creating a hashtag you might want to read these helpful do and don’ts.

  • Do use as many hashtags as you need! The more hashtags you use the more people may be able to reach you.
  • Do change your hashtags every once in a while. This helps keep things fresh for new followers! It’s alright to keep what you’ve been using, just spice it up a little.
  • Do make sure to include your city and state so people around you locally can find you!
  • Do research and think creatively. Make something that’s catchy!
  • Don’t make hashtags long like this #EverydayHashtagFailuresLikeThis
  • Don’t overthink. Keep it short and sweet.
  • Don’t use spaces or other symbols in the hashtag. Otherwise it will break the hashtag

There you have it! A helpful technique that can help spread your posts worldwide.